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Leading life science tools company enters technology assessment agreement with PHI

A major publicly traded life science tools company has entered a technology assessment agreement with Phase Holographic Imaging (PHI). The purpose of the agreement is to assess PHI’s Holo¬Monitor technology for cell biology applications, primarily within immuno-oncology.
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PHI and BioSpherix expand marketing partnership after scientific evaluation

In June 2018, Phase Holographic Imaging (PHI) and BioSpherix Medical entered a collaboration agreement, aiming to co-market the companies’ complementary product lines. BioSpherix develops and market advanced hermetically sealed cell incubators for the control and optimization of cell culture environments.
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Cancer researchers use HoloMonitor to track skin cancer cells

Scientists at the Holographic Imaging Cytometry Center of Excellence at University of California, San Francisco, study how normal skin cells transform into aggressive skin cancer. HoloMonitor M4 plays an important role in their research.
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Interim Report for the second quarter

For the first time, sales during the past 12 months reached 5 MSEK. Since our previous report, much effort has gone into implementing the ambitious market expansion made possible by the capital acquisition this summer.
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Lunds Universitet och PHI samarbetar kring utveckling av nya 3D-cellodlingsmetoder för immunterapiforskning

Baserat på PHI:s befintliga HoloMonitor-teknik, har institutionen för Immun­teknologi vid Lunds Universitet och Phase Holographic Imaging (PHI) avtalat om att gemensamt utveckla nya metoder för 3‑dimensionell cell­odling. Detta för att möta ett akut och snabbt växande behov av dessa metoder inom cancerforskningen.
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Lund University and PHI partner to develop novel 3D cell culturing methods for immunotherapy research

Based on PHI’s current HoloMonitor technology, the Department of Immunotechnology at Lund University and Phase Holographic Imaging (PHI) recently agreed to jointly develop novel 3-dimensional cell culturing methods to meet the urgent need for such methods.
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Rights issue enables market expansion

The Board of Directors and the CEO of Phase Holographic Imaging PHI AB (publ), corporate identity number 556542-7811, hereby submit Interim Report 1 for the fiscal year 2018/19.
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BRAF Mutation

New CEO commentary: “Understanding Skin Cancer”

PHI’s CEO and founder Peter Egelberg comments the latest research results by the scientists at the PHI/UCSF Holographic Imaging Cytometry Center of Excellence.
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Scientists at UCSF-PHI Center of Excellence map the genetic progression of invasive skin cancer

Utilizing precision genetic engineering and PHI’s HoloMonitor technology, scientists at University of California, San Francisco, have for the first time been able to monitor and map how mutations break down the genetic protection against skin cancer.
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PHI´s new software available for customer delivery

In this first version of App Suite three common analyzes are included: cell proliferation, cell motility, and cell quality control. App Suite will be rapidly expanded with additional applications. HoloMonitor® App Suite 2.0 is scheduled to be released to customers in Q4 2018.
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PHI and BioSpherix sign co-marketing agreement

Phase Holographic Imaging (PHI) and BioSpherix recently signed a collaboration agreement aiming to co-market the companies’ complementary product lines. BioSpherix, NY USA, manufactures and markets advanced cell incubators.
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Biostock interview with CEO Peter Egelberg

Interview with CEO Peter Egelberg (Swedish) on biostock.se where he talks about PHI’s progress, where PHI is right now and where PHI wants to be in the near future. “Our goal is to be top of mind when researchers and scientists worldwide are looking for a new cell analytic tool”. You find the interview here.
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