HoloMonitor® M4 expands your cell studies beyond visual images and time-lapse movies

Easily achieve quantitative data telling you exactly what happens with your cells in your incubator. You will know how your cells respond to different treatments and conditions.

Cover all Aspects of Cell Movements

  • Cell Population Studies
  • Single Cell Tracking
  • In-Depth Analysis

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Both HoloMonitor Track Cell module and the Wound Healing Assay were found to be well-correlated with established standards, yielded reproducible results, and at the same time offered distinct advantages.

Y.Zhang and R.L.Torres-Judson, UCLA

Cytometry Part A (2018)

Cell Population Studies

Wound Healing Assay

  •  Images and Videos showing Gap Closure
  •  Semi-Automatic Calculation of Gap Closure over Time
  •  Cell Front Velocity Assessment


Cell Motility and Migration Assays

  • Assessment of Cell Motility Speed and Migration Velocity
  • Directness i.e Ratio of Motility vs Migration


Our studies showed that sub-populations were hiding in the cell population. If we had based our conclusion only on the entire population data, then we’d have missed relevant information. The cell study of the population in hypoxia showed that the cells stopped dividing after 72 hours. But the time-lapse data showed that there still were cells dividing! Data of individual cell are hiding within the population data.


Lund University

Single Cell Tracking

  • Single Cell Motility and Migration Studies
  • Identification of Hypermobile Subpopulations
  • Displacements Associated with Cell Divisions can be sorted out



Compared with the conventional assays that assess cell morphology and cell behaviours, this method not only saves time and labour, but also provides more accurate and detailed information.

J.Huang, P.Guo, M.A.Moses

JoVe (2018)

In Depth Analysis

  • Combine with other HoloMonitor Applications like kinetic proliferation, morphology, cell cycle analysis  for more details
  • HoloMonitor is non-destructive
  • HoloMonitor allows for further analysis after capturing live cell images



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Phase Holographic Imaging AB (PHI) provides researchers in academia and life science industry with products for live-cell kinetic studies. PHI’s time-lapse cytometer, the HoloMonitor® system, is based on our core technology holographic microscopy.

Since introducing the first instrument in 2011, PHI now offers a range of products for the label-free, long-term quantitative analysis of living cell dynamics, circumventing the drawbacks of traditional methods requiring toxic stains. Headquartered in Lund, Sweden, PHI trades through a network of international distributors.