App Suite – Cell Quality Control Assay


HoloMonitor® App Suite is a new proprietary software based on biological applications. Using App Suite you can easily perform live cell studies on various cellular events. The App Suite software has an intuitive user interface guiding the user through the simple step-by-step workflow, from set-up of the experiment until the results are presented. HoloMonitor® App Suite is designed for automated and detailed analysis of cell populations. The automated analysis extracts selected cellular parameters that are condensed into quantitative application-specific output parameters.

The HoloMonitor® Cell Quality Control Assay presents end-point data on a cell population level in terms of basic morphology, cell count and cell confluence. The assay can be used to ensure that the cells look healthy and cell count and/or confluence is appropriate at the start of an experiment. It can also be used as a tool to detect undesired morphological changes in your cell culture when compared to previous experiments.

Each software license is valid for installation on 2 PCs. Additional licenses can be purchased at 50% of the original cost.

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End-point data given as values per well

Cell count


Mean cell area


Mean cell volume


Cell confluence

(% cell covered area)

Mean cell diameter