Hololid 24 well plate for Sarstedt

HoloLidTM has been specially designed for the HoloMonitor® time-lapse cytometer to eliminate image disturbances caused by surface vibrations and condensation inside the cell culture vessel. HoloLidTM (cat. # 71130) is designed to fit Sarstedt lumox® multiwell 24 plate (cat. # 94.6000.014) with an ultra-thin gas permeable membrane, which allows for good gas exchange and excellent image quality. As no further ventilation is necessary, the size of the imaging area has been maximized.

HoloLidTM is made of poly-methyl-methacrylate (PMMA or Plexi-glass). PMMA is a non-toxic material often used in medical surgery implants, dentures, etc. It does not contain Bisphenol-A; a cell disturbing agent commonly present in plastics. HoloLidTM is shipped with a plastic cover that must be peeled off before use.

6 HoloLids to cover 1 plate.
Price for 6 lids.

Reusable, up to 10 times.

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