HoloMonitor M4 Service Program (Extended Warranty), 1 Year


HoloMonitor M4 Service Program (Extended Warranty) expands the user’s possibility to minimize the life cycle cost and to keep the instrument in a perfect functional condition.

The service includes:

  • Hardware inspection
  • Comprehensive cleaning of internal optical parts
  • Exchange of optical parts when needed
  • Service of motorized XYZ-stage
  • Firmware upgrade
  • Extended warranty for 12 months
  • Fixed pricing
  • 12 month supply of HoloDry™

Customer obligations
A participant of HoloMonitor Service Program is obliged to return the instrument for service annually, with a 12 months cycle (± 1 month) based on the original delivery date. Failure to do so will make any parts of HoloMonitor Service Program void.

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