Non-invasive, Quantitative Assessment of the Morphology of y-irradiated Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells and Periosteal Cells Using Digital Holographic Microscopy

T. Kawase et al.

International journal of radiation biology (2016)

Institution: Niigata University, Japan

Cell Line: MSC-AT, MSC-BM (Mesenchymal stem cells derived from adipose tissue (MSC-AT) and bone marrow (MSC-BM),)

Research Area: Stem cell therapy

Tags: HoloMonitor M4, cell morphology, cell volume, holographic microscopy, mesenchymal, stem cellsperiosteal cells, γ-ray irradiation

Conclusions: Cell morphological parameters (e.g. cell volume) monitored by HoloMonitor could be useful and more stable than the DNA damage markers currently used.

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