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Use HoloMonitor®
For Automated Adherent Cell Counting

An automated adherent cell counter

No stains, no trypsinizing, no cells wasted. The HoloMonitor system provides a rapid, accurate, and non-invasive solution for automated adherent cell counting directly in your incubator.

Do you want to count your adherent cells?

The routine and accurate determination of cell count is critical from research and process development to large-scale biomanufacturing. It is an essential step since it ensures experimental reproducibility and monitors cell death and proliferation rates.

Pipetting with Hololid in 6-well microplate

Problems with manual cell counting

Manual cell counting with traditional methods is widely used. However, there are multiple issues when results are obtained in this way. To begin with, manual cell counting is subjective, time-consuming, and problematic. Moreover, traditional cell counting assays using reagents such as Trypan Blue. These reagents are generally destructive to cells and can result in contamination and enzymatic cell detachment.

How to overcome the drawbacks of manual cell counting?

HoloMonitor live cell microscope, on the other hand, provides a new solution for faster counting, fewer human errors, and more reproducible results. Most importantly, you can monitor your cells 24/7 within your standard incubator non-invasively. No reagents, stains, labels, or trypsin are needed. It automatically counts all individual cells in the field of view when imaging your cell sample and presents your images and results in real-time clearly and graphically. Specifically, HoloMonitor allows you to generate growth curves over time and monitor morphology, proliferation rate, and confluence at the same time.

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HoloMonitor allows Artemys’ team to identify the favorable conditions for cell growth using high-throughput capabilities and real-time measurements of the cell numbers.

TAras turiv, PhD
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Do you want to count suspension cells as well?


No need for Trypan Blue. Count your cells without staining.

Pipetting with Hololid in 6-well microplate

No preparation is needed. No trypsinizing your precious cells.

HoloMonitor M4: A live cell imaging system for cell incubators or hypoxia chambers

An automated adherent cell counter directly in your incubator.

Time-efficient cell counting. Count your cell numbers in real-time.

Excel window showing graphs of different colors

Not just cell count numbers and confluence, but also kinetic behavior data.

Count your adherent cells non-invasively

HoloMonitor is able to count your adherent cells non-invasively. The HoloMonitor live cell imaging microscope employs digital holographic microscopy to allow non-invasive visualization and quantification of living cells without compromising cell integrity. Therefore, you have no need to stain your cells with toxic stains such as Trypan Blue. This way, you can use the same cells for subsequent studies, such as cell proliferation and drug dose response assay.

  • No Trypan Blue is needed
  • Non-invasive visualization of living cells by digital holography
  • Reuse your cells for subsequent studies

No preparation needed at all

HoloMonitor uses digital holography to visualize and count your adherent cells just the way they are. Most importantly, you don´t even need to trypsinize your cells to count them. Instead, seed your cells in a culture vessel and count your cells directly, no extra steps are required. In short, you don’t need to passage your precious cells to know if you have enough cells. Instead, only passage your cells when you need to!

  • No trypsin needed
  • Leave your cells untouched
  • No increase in cell passage number

Bring imaging to your incubator

HoloMonitor is designed to operate in your standard incubator or hypoxia chamber. In other words, you don’t need to take out your cell cultures to count them. Instead, directly count and analyze your cells in the incubator in their native, undisturbed state. For this reason, HoloMonitor is ideal for counting adherent cells in long-term studies of your live cell cultures.

Besides, HoloMonitor always focuses on your needs and supports you in your daily lab flows. The HoloMonitor App Suite cell imaging software is designed by and for cell biologists with user-friendly guided workflows to reduce your hands-on lab time and increase reproducibility markedly.

  • Perform cell counting right inside the incubator
  • Count your cells undisturbed
  • An automated adherent cell counter with guided workflows

Real-time cell count, knowing exactly when to act

Since no toxic labels are required, you can acquire cell counting numbers with time-lapse images just a few minutes apart. This allows HoloMonitor to provide real-time quantitative data on your adherent cell counting numbers.

For example, you can predict how many cells you have in the next 24 hours based on the real-time adherent cell counting results. Therefore, you got the chance to plan your experiment according to your cell growth. Never wonder if you have enough cells or not. Hence, save your cells, money, and time.

  • Count your adherent cells at multiple time points
  • Predict your cell numbers based on your real-time data
  • Plan your experiment accordingly

Much more than just cell count

Cells are highly dynamic with their morphology and behavior over time. In fact, many applications today require not only cell count numbers but also monitoring of key cell features. HoloMonitor, on the other hand, provides much more than just cell count. Every holographic image HoloMonitor takes contains all the information needed for all analyses. You can extract over 30 different cellular features from population down to single-cell levels, such as proliferation rate, cell thickness, roughness, etc.

Moreover, you can reanalyze or export your experiments and extract multiple results from the previous experiments, no need to set up new experiments or cells. Therefore, saving you time, money, and precious cells.

Last but not least, you can perform adherent cell count by using any one of the HoloMonitor assays. For example, adherent cell counts may be quantified together by applying the HoloMonitor Cell Motility Assay. In other words, you can get multiple data with just one sample from different assays.

  • Receive more than 30+ cellular features
  • Export all raw data for re-analysis
  • Get cell count numbers from multiple assays