Study individual cells non-invasively

The PHI single-cell analysis solution provides a set of innovative cell imaging assays for studying cell movement and morphology, letting you continuously image and study your cells directly inside your incubator.

  • No cytotoxic stains necessary
  • Live cell imaging right inside the incubator
  • Perfect for biologically relevant long-term studies
Single-cell analysis, measuring the height profile of a single cell.

Single-cell profile analysis.

Study both cell population and single-cell behavior

Directly in the incubator, HoloMonitor® and the App Suite imaging software allows you to study population and individual cell behavior simultaneously through a wide range of cell analysis assays. The possibility to study population and single cells at the same time gives you a lot of flexibility in your research.

Easy and cell-friendly cell movement and morphology applications with App Suite

Analyze single-cells with PHI single-cell assays

Analyze the behavior of both single-cells and the entire cell population inside your incubator. As science is all about experimenting, it is not always easy to know what to expect from the beginning, apart from expecting the unexpected. The PHI solution for single-cell assessment allows you to run a multitude of assays from one single experiment to help you in making meaningful discoveries. From one single experiment, you will get a wide range of data on your cells in the form of graphs, scatterplots, and 3D cell images.

The HoloMonitor App Suite software extracts quantitative data about your cells from the holographic images captured by the HoloMonitor instrument. You can get various insights from the reconstructed 3D images of your cells as well as having the option to re-analyze the data of your experiment at a later time-point in your workflow. You are able to collect quantitative data on your cell population and all the way down to a single-cell level at the same time, of course label-free and therefore non-invasive and cell-friendly.

Increase your productivity by incorporating the PHI single-cell analysis solution into your workflow through automated measurements and walk-away assays.