The HoloMonitor HoloLids are specially designed to eliminate image disturbances, caused by surface vibrations and condensation inside the cell culture vessel.

HoloMonitor® Accessories

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For publication-quality images

Vessel holders

To fit your different vessels


To keep optics and interior dry


Providing Superior Image Quality

HoloLids are designed for optimal air ventilation and help you to eliminate image disturbances caused both by surface vibrations and condensation inside the cell culture vessel. Use the lids together with recommended cell culture vessels to ensure the best image quality.

You can reuse the lids at least 10 times after sterilization and they are available in various formats to fit different vessels specifically :

35mm Petri dishes
6-well plates
24-well plates
96-well plates

Details and instructions for use are available in the product sheets: HoloLid product sheets.

HoloLid options

HoloLids Sarstedt_PD_1
HoloLid for 35 mm Petri dish, Sarstedt
HoloLid for 35 mm µ-Dish, ibidi
HoloLid for 6-well plate, Sarstedt
HoloLid for black 24-well µ-Plate, ibidi
HoloLid for lumox 24-well plate, Sarstedt
HoloLid for lumox 96-well plate, Sarstedt

Vessel holders

Ensuring accurate imaging positioning

Petri dishes with HoloLid mounted on the HoloMonitor petri holder

The vessel holder is developed specifically for the HoloMonitor M4 system and is used to fix the culture vessel to the motorized stage. This allows for high-precision imaging of multiple locations simultaneously.

You can easily secure the vessel onto the vessel holder and then attach it to the motorized stage, all without any tools in a matter of seconds. They are available in various formats to fit different vessels, specifically:

The HoloMonitor cell culture microscope with a motorized xyz-stage and microplate holder
Vessel holder for 1 multiwell plate.
Vessel holder for 4 Petri dishes (35 mm).
Vessel holder for 3 microslides (75 × 25 mm).

Vessel holder options

Multiwell plate holder
35 mm Petri dish holder
Microslide holder


Avoiding internal condensation

Hand placing HoloDry on the back of HoloMonitor

The HoloDry canister keeps the optics and the interior of HoloMonitor free from condensation while HoloMonitor operates inside the cell incubator. Naturally, the canister is exclusively made of materials our cell biologists have verified to be non-cytotoxic, hence won’t damage your cells or your incubator.


Additionally, each canister comes with a timestrip indicator. When placed on the incubator door, the strip will remind you by changing color when it once a month is time to replace the disposable canister.

Details and instructions for use are available in the product sheets: HoloDry product sheets.

HoloDry option

The HoloDry canister together with the included timestrip
HoloDry™, 12 months supply
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