Live Cell Imaging Assays

inside your incubator

The label-free HoloMonitor® Live Cell Imaging Assays enable long-term label-free visualization and analysis of single-cells on a population level — in an incubator environment, hypoxia chamber or directly on the lab bench.

Focus on Your Cells

HoloMonitor allows you to focus on your cells. Without requiring any reagents or labeling, the HoloMonitor Live Cell Assays let you image and monitor the dynamics of living cells directly in your incubator over long time periods. All cell types can be monitored, cell lines as well as delicate cell types, such as induced pluripotent stem cells or primary human cell cultures.

Live Cell Imaging Made Easy

Carefully designed by cell biologists, the label-free live cell assays intuitively guide the user through a simple step-by-step workflow, from experiment setup through data analysis.

Each application allows you to easily create colorful live cell videos, images and graphs for peer-reviewed publications. Naturally, all data can be exported to Excel for further analysis.

One Sample, Multiple Assay Results

As the cell images are recorded without any reagents or labels, recorded time-lapse images can at any time be reanalyzed using additional HoloMonitor assays to provide multiple measurements from the same cell culture — saving time, money and not least precious cells.

Moreover, imaged cells are available for further downstream studies, as imaging with HoloMonitor is label-free and harmless to your cells.

Yuntian Zhang Robert L. Judson, Evaluation of holographic imaging cytometer holomonitor M4® motility applications, Cytomtery part A (2018)

The Live Cell Assay Collection

Single-cell Analysis on a Population Level

The single-cell analysis and tracking functionality enables in-depth analysis of both individual cells and entire cell populations at the same time.

Single Cell Tracking

Study single-cell motility and migration patterns and distinguish between cell sub-population behavior.

Kinetic Morphology

Examine more than 30 parameters, as cell morphology can be sensitive markers for cell damage.

Label-free single-cell analysis tracking of cell volume, using HoloMonitor live cell imaging assays

Tracking of cell volume through cell division

Guided Kinetic Assays

Tailored live cell assays that automatically analyze images of your cells and provide kinetic data on your cell populations behavior in real-time.

Dose Response Assay

Recognize drug toxicity patterns and kinetics of drug effects from interactive dose response curves.

Cell Motility Assay

Explore average cell population motility based on cell speed and accumulated distance in real–time.

Cell Proliferation Assay

Robust kinetic cell proliferation assessment by direct identification and counting of individual cells.

Wound Healing Assay

Easily obtain kinetic information on how cell populations close the wound gap and determine cell front velocity.

Results screen of the HoloMonitor Cell Motility Assay, showing mean cell speed and accumulated mean cell distance.

Cell motility result screen

Guided End-point Assays

Live cell assays that ensure experiment reproducibility and optimal cell quality by checking up on your cells before setting up a time-lapse experiment.

Cell QC Assay

Evaluate cell integrity and detect changes of your cell culture.

Cell Counter

Determine the exact cell number in your cell suspension.

Result screen of the HoloMonitor App Suite Cell QC live cell imaging application

Cell QC assay results

Dr Robert Judson-Torres

As a label-free, non-toxic imaging system, HoloMonitor M4 provides us the means to begin investigating the immediate reaction of melanoma cells to acute environmental and genetic stimuli.

Dr Robert Judson-Torres

University of Utah