Label-free Live Cell Imaging and Cell Analysis

Quantitative Live Cell Imaging & Cell Analysis — View and Analyze your cells without any labels or stains. Live cell imaging is the study of living cells using time-lapse microscopy in your incubator.

Together with the guided App Suite software a range of cell biological parameters can be explored with minimal user effort. Equip your lab with a cell friendly and easy-to-use tool. Scroll down for a full cell biological application overview.

  • Guided end-point assays – quick assessment of cell count and cell culture quality.
  • Guided kinetic assays – publication-ready kinetic results with minimal effort.
  • In-depth analysis – single cell tracking for analysis of individual cell and/or cell populations.


Live Cell Imaging has never been Easier!

Download HoloMonitor Application Guide

Our Application Guide explains how you can easily get publication-ready kinetic results and/or use single cell tracking for analysis of individual cells and cell populations. You will learn how to get the whole picture of in vitro drug effects, understand how cell population behavior changes and explore details of single cells — all in one experiment.

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Guided End-point Assays

Ensure assay repeatability and optimal cell quality by checking up on your cells before setting up a time-lapse assay.

Cell QC Assay

  • Cell culture quality control

Cell Counter

  • Suspension cell count

Guided Kinetic Assays

These assays are tailor-made to provide relevant kinetic data. Just follow the step-by-step instructions given by the software and your results will be automatically presented.

Kinetic Cell Proliferation

  • Kinetic cell count and confluence

Kinetic Cell Motility

  • Cell speed and accumulated distance

Kinetic Dose Response

  • Dose-response curves at all time-points

In-depth Analysis

The single cell tracking functionality enables in-depth analysis of both individual cells, and entire cell populations, at the same time.

Spatial Cell Tracking

  •  Motility and migration based on single cells studies

Wound Healing Assay

  • Kinetic and automatic gap closure data

Cell Morphology

  • 30+ morphological parameters

Other Cellular Events

Study drug responses and the cell death process

Examples how HoloMoniotor has been used to image and visualize previously unseen cellular events are provided here. Explore our list of publications describing how Holomonitor can be used in various cell-based research settings.

Why did we need to adopt the application to HoloMonitor? The answer to this question is the ability to evaluate much larger numbers of cells and obtain quantitative data. We can now run kinetic assays of the cell movement, such as wound healing assays, cellular expansion assays, as well as chemotactic assays to evaluate the effects of our formulations.

Ed Luther

Supervisor of Northeastern University’s Core Imaging and Cytometry facility

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information!

As a label-free, non-toxic imaging system, HoloMonitor M4 provides us the means to begin investi­gating the immediate reaction of melanoma cells to acute environ­mental and genetic stimuli.

Dr Robert Judson-Torres

University of Utah