Dose Response

In research, especially early drug development, kinetic information on the response of living cells to various doses or concentration of a chemical substance is vital. From dose-response curves both risks, and potential effects, of the substance may be estimated.

Easily get Kinetic Dose Response Data 

The HoloMonitor® Dose Response Assay is designed for automated and detailed analysis of drug responses in adherent cells. It is easy to set up using the App Suite software, offering automatic result presentation. Compared to traditional methods for dose-response studies the assay adds one key factor, i.e. kinetics.

Interactive dose response curves, with outcome for each condition displayed at each selected time point

Auomatic and interactive result presentation. Data will be displayed for the time point selected using the time bar (here 48h). 

Kintic cell count, confluence and mean cell volume data

In addition accociated changes in basic morphology is given. All data can easily be exported to Excel for in depth analysis.

Using HoloMonitor® for Detailed Dose-Response Analysis

HoloMonitor® Dose Response Assay provides detailed analysis on drug effects and toxicity at selected time points:

  • Kinetics of drug effects and toxicity patterns
  • Interactive and automatic result presentation
  • Various outcome parameters
  • Easily compare effects from various compounds and concentrations vs untreated controls

When preferred, further analyses can be undertaken for details on cell morphology changes, cell proliferation and cell death kinetics etc.