Dose-Response Curves – Easy and Automatic

The PHI solution for studying dose-response relationships enables you to measure dose-response curves of drugs over time. By letting you continuously image and study your cells directly inside your incubator, you will generate more accurate results and save time:

  • Guided assay workflows reduce your hands-on lab time and increases reproducibility
  • Powerful algorithms immediately generate automatic dose-response curves
  • Never miss a cellular event with 24/7 continuous live cell imaging

Created from a single in vitro experiment, the HoloMonitor dose-response curves are interactive and displayed for the time-point selected using the timeline.

Kinetic dose-response curve, allowing rapid assessment of dose-response relationships.

The above dose-response result was created by recording a time-lapse movie of each well for 48 hours.

Dose-response relationship

Modeling the desired effect of a new drug candidate in vitro and understanding the dose-response relationship of drugs over time is essential when developing effective treatment strategies in cancer research or pharmacology.

This makes the dose-response curve of adherent cells a vital tool in drug screening and pre-clinical research, for example in determining threshold dose, pharmacological profiles and site of action.

Dose-response curves & drug efficiency

The dose-response relationship allows drug dose-response and potency to be determined in vitro and provide guidance for future studies. Additionally, knowledge of drug effects on cell population morphology facilitates advances in drug development and future disease treatments.

Easier than ever before – Guided set-up and automatic result presentation

  • The label-free HoloMonitor Dose-Response Assay is designed for automated and detailed analysis of drug dose responses in adherent cells. Using the HoloMonitor Cell Imaging Software, cells are automatically identified and counted.
  • Results are displayed as an interactive dose-response curve, where results for each condition can be displayed for any selected time-point.
  • In addition, you will receive cell count, confluence and mean cell volume over time, including statistics for each treatment.

A quick video demonstrating the HoloMonitor App Suite software.

Kinetic cell count, confluence and mean cell volume

In addition to the dose-response relationship, associated changes in basic morphology are given. All data is easily exported to Excel for further analysis.

Kinetic cell growth and morphology time-series to assess dose-response relationships.

Screenshot of the HoloMonitor Dose-Response Assay — showing cell count, confluence and mean cell volume over time.

HoloMonitor for detailed drug dose-response analysis

HoloMonitor provides a detailed analysis of drug effects and toxicity at selected time points:

  • Kinetics of drug effects and toxicity patterns
  • Interactive and automatic result presentation
  • Various outcome parameters
  • Easily compare dose-response relationship of various compounds vs untreated controls

When preferred, further analyses can be undertaken for details on cell morphology changes, cell proliferation and cell death kinetics using additional HoloMonitor assays.