Live Cell Imaging made Easy

Are you looking for a tool that enables label-free and kinetic live-cell imaging studies during physiologically optimal conditions? With HoloMonitor Label-free Live Cell Imaging technology, you can get images, quantitative data and study life and death of your cells directly inside your incubator.

Label-free live cell analysis directly from your incubator

One experiment, many results - gain insights into the health and quality of your cells, cell tracking, cell motility, cell proliferation, and cell morphology. With a cell-friendly, fast and easy-to-use technology, images, videos, and quantitative data are easily captured. The HoloMonitor label-free live cell imaging system offers you a powerful and unique portfolio of cell biological applications.

HoloMonitor M4 – label-free live cell imaging & analysis

Compared with the conventional assays that assess cell morphology and cell behaviors, this live cell imaging method not only saves time and labor, but also provides more accurate and detailed information.

Huang J, Guo P & Moses M

J. Vis. Exp (2018)

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