Non-invasive Live Cell Imaging Made Easy

Phase Holographic Imaging provides an innovative tool that lets you continuously image and monitor your cells directly inside your incubator.

Our HoloMonitor® M4 is a small microscope designed to operate 24/7 inside your normal incubator. Without any labels or stains, it uses digital holography to record your cells in real time. The result is reconstructed 3D images and quantitative data on your cultures, all the way down to single-cell level, collected in a completely non-invasive way.

Key benefits of the HoloMonitor system

Designed to operate directly inside your incubator

HoloMonitor M4 is designed to operate 24/7, directly inside your normal incubator. You can continuously monitor your cells in their natural environment, making sure you don’t miss any important cellular events in your culture.

Non-invasive cell imaging with QPI

HoloMonitor is based on digital holography, a QPI technology that quantitatively images your cells with nothing but low-energy light. You don’t need any additives to the media or labels to visualize your cells.

Gives quantitative data on single-cell level

The HoloMonitor App Suite software reconstructs your cells in 3D, immediately providing you with quantitative information about each cell. More than 30 different morphological parameters are calculated automatically, such as cell area, thickness and volume. Of course, all data can be compiled, exported and analyzed at population level as well.

Powerful and wide application portfolio

The HoloMonitor App Suite software enables kinetic live-cell tracking and analysis of your cells. In addition to detailed single-cell and cell population data, you get visual data in the form of high-quality images and time-lapse videos. Moreover, you can easily re-analyze the imaging results of previous experiments.

Intuitive, easy-to-use software

HoloMonitor is developed with user-friendliness in mind. Place your cell culture vessel onto the microscope and let the intuitive software guide you from the experimental setup to data analysis.

Saves time, money and cells

The HoloMonitor system allows for quick and guided experimental setup and automatically runs the imaging. Furthermore, you can reanalyze experiment data in multiple ways, generating several results from the same cells. This saves you hands-on lab time, money and cells.

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