Meet HoloMonitor M4FL


HoloMonitor M4FL

When Holography meets Fluorescence

  1. Combining holography and fluorescence data in one experiment
  2. Minimal light exposure to reduce photocytotoxicity
  3. Small footprint so it fits inside your incubator
  4. Long-term, single-cell and cell population data
  5. Intuitive and guided workflow from setup to analysis

Unlock the Power of Fluorescence

See your cells in a new light!

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HoloMonitor M4 + Fluorescence = HoloMonitor M4FL

The fluorescence add-on is compatible with the HoloMonitor M4 system. This way, you can tailor the HoloMonitor Live Cell Assays to your needs and add fluorescence to your HoloMonitor system to best fit your research application.

App Suite 4.0 software for fluorescence

The new Fluorescence Capture in App Suite realizes the full potential of HoloMonitor M4FL. You get to combine label-free holography with fluorescence imaging data.

Illuminate, Analyze and Discover

cell death

Reporter gene expression


transfection efficiency

uptake assay

Live Cell staining

Assay Output

What results do you get with HoloMonitor Fluorescence Capture?

In addition to all the label-free holography cell features to study your cells’ behavior, you can analyze your cells’ fluorescence signal in HoloMonitor’s Single Cell Tracking and Cell Morphology Assay.

Fluorescence Results in the Single Cell Tracking Assay
Fluorescence Results in the Cell Morphology Assay

Upgrade the HoloMonitor M4 system
with a fluorescence add-on

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