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Webinars in Chinese! – Everything you need to know about HoloMonitor

To help our customers who speak different languages, PHI and our local partner in China, Bio-Sun, held two webinars in Chinese to explain everything you need to know about HoloMonitor.
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HoloMonitor user spotlight with Dr. Robert Judson-Torres

HoloMonitor user spotlight: Robert Judson-Torres

To be a mole or to be a melanoma? Dr. Robert Judson-Torres, Assistant Professor at Huntsman Cancer Institute, University of Utah, speaks about how HoloMonitor data has been key in his recent work.
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HoloMonitor user spotlight: Frida Berlin

Frida Berlin, Ph.D. student at Lund University talks about the effect of mast cell mediators on cell behavior in respiratory disease — and the role of HoloMonitor in her research.
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Keep your Flow!

This webinar covers how to set up microfluidic assays to gain the most information from a single experiment.
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wound healing scratch assay webinar

Mind the Gap!

This webinar showcases how you how to run wound healing assays that get you biologically relevant and reproducible data using the HoloMonitor Wound Healing assay protocol.
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Blue and white banner promoting Live Cell Imaging Webinar - Explore every day cell life

Explore everyday cell life

Take a closer look at non-invasive live cell imaging and cell population tracking over time down to a single-cell level.
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Understand your cells’ individuality

Using label-free single cell tracking, this webinar showcases how you can monitor and quantify unique cell behavior.
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Series #3 – In vitro Drug Development

Learn how you can design relevant cell culture conditions for in vitro drug development, how HoloMonitor fits easily into a cell lab workflow and learn more about the HoloMonitor Drug Response Assay.
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Series #2 – Stem Cell Research

Learn more about why non-invasive live cell imaging is perfect for stem cell research, why a stable stem cell microenvironment is key for relevant results and how to use morphology analysis and single cell tracking for stem cell differentiation studies.
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Series #1 – Cancer Research

Find answer to why we must design relevant assay conditions in cancer research, how HoloMonitor provides better insights by analyzing both single cells and cell populations, and combining proliferation, morphology and movement data.
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Webinar banner showing cells of different shapes

Discover Cell Shapes

Join our PHI Head of Biology, Kersti Alm, when she highlights the great potential of quantifying cell morphology, for both single-cell and cell populations.
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Live cell imaging - webinar follow every cell step

Follow Every Cell Step!

Using label-free live cell imaging, this webinar showcases how you can quantify cell movements and relate them to cell size and shape.
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Live cell imaging webinar - secrets of cells

Secrets of Cells

If the the lives of your cells inside the incubator is a total mystery to you, this webinar is for you.
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Live cell imaging webinar - label your tubes, not your cells

Label your Tubes, Not your Cells

In this PHI webinar, Lisa Bodily, Application Specialist at PHI AB, introduces the exciting field of label-free live cell imaging.
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