Webinars on Live Cell Imaging & Analysis

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Label your Tubes, Not your Cells

– Introducing label-free live cell imaging


Date: Wednesday December 18th, 2019  Time: 11.00 AM CET

In this PHI webinar, Lisa Bodily, Application Specialist at PHI AB, will introduce the exciting field of label-free live cell imaging. We will discuss live cell imaging techniques and highlight reasons to work label-free. You will learn how digital holographic microscopy visualizes your cells and get to know our HoloMonitor system. Also, we will present our label-free applications for cell biology research and highlight some examples.

  • Introduction to live cell imaging techniques
  • Benefits of working label-free
  • How does digital holographic microscopy visualize the cells?
  • Get-to-know our HoloMonitor and App Suite software
  • Examples of label-free applications for cell biology research

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More about label-free live cell imaging

Life’s smallest building block – the cell – is fragile. Moreover, cells are invisible by nature. These challenges need to be considered when developing imaging methods that will not harm the cells.

Still up to this date, most used cell imaging technologies require stains, labels or even toxic chemicals to make cells visual to the human eye. It is time to rethink: HoloMonitor offers another solution – with several benefits.

Read more about all applications offered for cell biology research using label free live cell imaging here.

Cell movie captured by HoloMonitor. Colors are added in the software.

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