Webinars on Live Cell Imaging & Analysis

We are happy to invite you to watch our collection webinars about live cell imaging and analysis! You are welcome to attend live, or view on demand whenever it suits you.

You can study your cells in real-time with our HoloMonitor® system and in the meantime, you could grab some fika (a Swedish tradition for a delightful coffee break) and enjoy our PHI webinars. Varsågod! (You are welcome!)

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HoloMonitor® - Explore everyday cell life

Join HoloMonitor® Application specialist Lisa Bodily for a closer look at non-invasive live cell imaging and tracking a cell population over time down to a single-cell level. We explore the benefits of kinetic label-free imaging and you find out how HoloMonitor enables researchers to discover multiple insights from their cell cultures using only one experiment.

HoloMonitor puts you and your cells first. Let us show you how.

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