Cell Motility and Migration

Understand Cell Movements, Motility and Migration

Understanding the movement of cultured cells improves the understanding of cell movement and signaling in living organisms. Cell movement is categorized both by non-directional cell motility speed and by directional migration velocity. Motility is regarded as random cell movement, occurring in almost every cell culture, while migration is a response to a cell attractant or repellent. 

The tracking data can be displayed in a graph format (left) or directly overlaid on the cell images (right). It is possible to export all data for further analysis.

Motility studies using HoloMonitor App Suite.

Using HoloMonitor® for Motility and Migration Studies

The HoloMonitor® system offers unambiguous, non-invasive quantification of cell migration and motility allowing users to automatically track cell movements over time. Analysis of cell motility and migration can be used for e.g. chemotaxis studies and to assess drug impact on motility.

  • Robust segmentation and tracking of cells of interest.
  • Cell motility speed and cell migration velocity measurements.
  • Directness, i.e. the ratio of migration and motility, indicating how direct a cell or a cell population moves.
  • Non-invasive nature allows subsequent cellular staining for further analysis upon conclusion of holographic imaging.
  • App Suite offers an automated cell population motility analysis, while HStudio gives flexibility for advanced single-cell migration and motility analysis.

When preferred, further analyses can be undertaken for details on cell morphology and other parameters.