Cell Counter

HoloMonitor® cell counting solution offers a no hassle, high precision automatic cell counter with results presented within a minute. Count live and/or dead cells in your cell culture.

When setting up cell-based assays, precise cell count is often crucial for accurate and repetitive results. Although counting cells using a conventional hemocytometer is straightforward, it is a tedious work, which is time consuming and requires scrutiny.

High Precision and Automatic Cell Count

The HoloMonitor® Cell Counter for suspension cells is tailor-made to overcome the drawbacks of manual methods. Precise and repetitive cell count results will be automatically provided within a minute. In addition, data showing the overall cell status will be displayed.

A dilution calculator guides the user to seed required number of cells

A dilution calculator calculates the total number of cells in the sample volume (upper box) and the volume needed to reach correct number of cells for seeding (lower box).

Essential data on cell morphology

Distribution graphs showing basic cell morphology are part of the automatic result presentation in the cell counter assay.

Distribution graphs showing mean values, as well as and distribution, of cell volume and area.

HoloMonitor® provides quick and accurate cell count

The HoloMonitor® Cell Count Assay is designed for automated cell counting of suspension cells. It can be used in two ways, either to count cells as a preparation for seeding, or for end point cell counting of suspension cells where data of cell volume and area is acquired. When used for seeding, a dilution calculator can provide the volume needed for sampling. When used as end point cell counter, the created distribution graphs based on cell volume and area are provided. All data can be exported as Excel files (xlsx) to be used in a spreadsheet software.

End point data given per well:

  • Cell count (cells/ml)
  • Mean cell volume (µm3)
  • Mean cell area (µm2)
  • Distribution graphs on cell area and volume

Cell count for adherent cells is equally easy using the Cell QC Assay.