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Label-free Live Cell Imaging Cytometry

Label-free imaging cytometry for live cell population studies by tracking and quantifying individual cells over time — a technical explanation.

The HoloMonitor M4 live cell imager and image cytometer

The HoloMonitor® label-free live cell imaging cytometer is based on the principle of quantitative phase imaging, enabling non-invasive visualization and quanti­fication of living cells without compro­mising cell integrity.

Here we describe the rationale and advantages of using quanti­tative phase imaging for live cell kinetic analysis of cellular events — explaining the power of live cell time-lapse imaging cytometry and how cells are made visible without labels or stains.

Label-free Image Cytometry Saves Precious Cells

Conceptually, the HoloMonitor cell imaging technology operate differently than conventional cytometric assays. When using traditional assays, the cells are specifically prepared according to the selected assay and can seldom be used for other assays.

When working with HoloMonitor, the live cells are generically prepared and imaged. After recording, one or more HoloMonitor assays are applied on the time-lapse image sequence to obtain multiple results from the same cell sample, as illustrated below.

Novel Approach

This novel cytometric approach reduces the necessary amount of lab work. But, more importantly, it facilitates the use of precious primary cells over cell lines to improve clinical relevance by dramatically reducing the number of cells needed to obtain results.

Learn how HoloMonitor makes cells visible without labels

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Cell imaging is a crucial part of cellular analysis. It helps determine basic cellular health, reveals changes in cell behaviour under treatment conditions, examines structural modifications, and offers data on both single-cell and population dynamics.

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