Our 2021 PHI Team Kick-Off

2 Days, 1 Team, an Island, Workshops and 300 Puzzle Pieces

In November, we were enjoying two action-packed days only a stone-throw north of our Lund office, on the Swedish island Ven. Absolutely, it felt great to come together for our 2021 PHI Team Kick-off for multiple productive workshops and spend quality time as a group. Despite the Swedish winter darkness, we had much fun, and hosted our first PHI puzzle tournament!

Hej from Sweden!

Meet the Sweden-based group.
Together with Aman in the UK and Håkan in the US, they make up our team at PHI.

Congratulations to our puzzle tournament winners!

2021 PHI team kick-off puzzle tournament
3-2-1 … and puzzle!
2021 PHI team kick-off puzzle
Who knew that HoloMonitor® cell images make great puzzles?

Thank you for organizing these two days — Kersti, Lisa B, and Patrik.