Cell laboratory at Japanese University orders third HoloMonitor

One of the cell laboratories at Kyushu University in Japan has ordered two HoloMonitor® instruments to complement the instrument previously purchased by the laboratory. The university is one of the seven imperial universities which today form Japan’s prestigious national universities. An additional four HoloMonitor M4.5 instruments have recently been ordered by customers in the UK, Israel, Australia and Singapore. The total retail price of the ordered units amounts to €144 000.

“The follow-up order from Kyushu University once again confirms the scientific value of our HoloMonitor-technology. Furthermore, the order indicates that cell laboratories will require several instruments to accommodate the expanding research needs created by HoloMonitor technology. The laboratory at Kyushu University will become the 9th cell laboratory with several HoloMonitor instruments in operation. Independent market reports estimate the number of cell laboratories in the world to approximately 120 000”, said CEO Peter Egelberg.