Collaboration agreement with Korean research institute

PHI announces the signing of a collaboration agreement with Korea Research Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology (KRIBB). KRIBB is Korea’s only governmental research institute dedicated to research across a broad span of biotechnology research areas.

“We are of course pleased to have established a collaboration with an opinion leader like KRIBB. This is very helpful to our work to achieve scientific acceptance and thereby strengthen our products in the market. KRIBB is a government research institute with major national influence and is internationally known for its research, particularly the research we address with our products – tumor growth and cell proliferation. KRIBB is strategically located in Daejeon which is the center for Korea’s big push to become a leader of life science research”, says Peter Egelberg, CEO of PHI.

Research scientist Sung-Kyun Ko, KRIBB

In accordance with the collaboration agreement, KRIBB will borrow a HoloMonitor M4 over 12 months. The KRIBB research team will use the HoloMonitor M4 to study the effect various treatments have on cell motility. The preliminary results that have been obtained during an evaluation period are very encouraging. The purpose of collaboration is to expand on these preliminary results for scientific publication. KRIBB will also serve as a reference customer for the Daejeon region.

“The HoloMonitor M4 allow us to rapidly measure how cell motility is affected by various treatments, without removing the cells from our incubator”, says research scientist Sung-Kyun Ko at KRIBB.