Redefining Aging With HoloMonitor

Lund, June 3, 2018

By studying a primitive form of bacteria one of our customers in Australia have been able to develop a new drug that has the potential to dramatically slow the aging process and delay, or even prevent, major diseases in humans, including cancer, Alzheimer’s, diabetes and arthritis.

The promising results obtained by the researchers at Queensland University of Technology (QUT) were recently reported by Australian television. Using HoloMonitor the researchers could see how old and damaged cells became young again, as explained and visualized in the newscast.

HoloMonitor in the Australian television newscast.

Aging and eventual death is an evolutionary innovation and comes with the package of being an advanced multicellular organism. Unlike us and other multicellular life forms, single cell life forms reproduce by splitting in two. They do not need to age, as there are no remaining parents after reproduction that compete with the offspring for food and other essential resources.

After completing our duties as parents or relatives, we humans age and die because it increases the survival chances of the next generation who share our genes. As individuals we often forget this when we selfishly think of death. In fact, the sole purpose of the 37 000 billion cells that form our body and ego is to make it possible for a few sex cells to do their job, in my wife’s and my own case just three.

The publicity of the successful research at QUT, certainly gives us good reason to believe that this is just the beginning of the beginning for HoloMonitor in Australia.