Follow-up orders from Eastern Europe

Phase Holographic Imaging’s (PHI) Eastern Europe distributor, BioTech-Europe, has placed a follow-up order of two HoloMonitor M4 instruments. The ordered instruments replace the evaluation units that were previously sold to the cell therapy company Aztar and to the Tissue Engineering Laboratory at the Medical University of Warsaw, subsequent to careful evaluations.

“We are very pleased with the ongoing market success of our products and that we now have secured reference customers in the Eastern European market. Within our line of business new analysis methods must be scientifically accepted. We therefore aim to obtain market acceptance through initial sales and collaborations with key opinion leaders to make our products highly interesting for multinational biotech companies.”, says Peter Egelberg, CEO of PHI.


PHI aim to achieve market acceptance by a combination of sales on key markets and through collaborations with key opinion leaders. PHI’s goal is to have a minimum of 50 instruments in operation with paying customers, reference customers and key opinion leaders by the end of 2015. Currently the company has 20 instruments in operation with customers and key opinion leaders. PHI’s short-term goal is to have signed collaboration agreements with a minimum of four key opinion leaders in the third quarter of 2014. Currently, the company has collaboration agreements with three key opinion leaders.