HoloMonitor in an incubator of an incubator makes people SmiLe

Our collaboration with SmiLe incubator in Lund, provides researchers in local life science companies with PHIs non-destructive live cell imaging & analysis tool – making for happy cells and smiley faces 🙂

The HoloMonitor live cell imaging system operating inside a standard cell incubator at the SmiLe life science business incubator in Lund, Sweden.

HoloMonitor® M4 within an incubator at SmiLe Incubator, Lund – wow it is incubator2!

We are excited to be part of the local collaborative effort of SmiLe and Medicon Village who strive to offer life science companies broader opportunities for access to the latest and most advanced equipment and research tools.

Portrait of Ebba Fåhraeus

We are extremely pleased about the collaboration with Phase Holographic Imaging. Now, companies that use laboratories will have even broader opportunities to easily conduct highly sophisticated experiments – right here in Lund, with the support of specialists.

Ebba Fåhraeus

CEO of SmiLe Incubator

SmiLe alumni company Truly Labs AB was the first to set up experiments using HoloMonitor Live Cell Assays. Truly Labs AB is a preclinical CRO providing customized in vitro and in vivo services for their customers. Truly Labs focus is on Pharmacology and Translational Science, and they have extensive experience of working with small molecules and biologic. With a smile on her face while watching her cells move, Truly Labs Senior Scientist Susanne Larsson Faria, PhD, has been running wound healing assays to investigate stimuli effects on cell movement behavior in the context of fibrotic diseases.

We have asked Susanne...

...for her feedback on running HoloMonitor Wound Healing Assay:

A common readout of a wound healing assay is the change in cell-covered area (gap closure) over time. Here the HoloMonitor is a fantastic instrument providing you with information on cell movement over time. You can decide afterwards which timepoints were the best for different treatments and seeing the cells move in the videos you can produce is amazing!

...why wound healing assays?

Cell migration occurs during many important processes in our bodies e.g. embryonic development, tissue injury and wound healing. Cell migration may however be dysregulated in pathological conditions such as inflammation leading to tissue fibrosis. Wound healing-, scratch-and migration assays are common ways of studying cell migration under different conditions.

...her experience with the PHI team:

The support from Lisa and Laura from the PHI application team was fantastic, both hands on in setting up the first assay and as partners for discussing the analysis of the data.

Portrait of Martina Schneider

The PHI support team is amazing. They respond immediately and are dedicated to answering my questions and solving any issues. I especially like that I can receive support remotely and directly when I am in the lab.

Martina Schneider

Senior Application Specialist at SmiLe Incubator