HoloMonitor - A cell culture microscope directly inside your incubator

A cell culture microscope directly inside your incubator.


for any cell lab

HoloMonitor is an affordable live cell imaging microscope, whether you are an academic or life science industry lab. As of today, it is featured in 175+ scientific publications worldwide.

Save precious cells

with non-invasive imaging

HoloMonitor images cells with non-invasive digital holography, which does not require labels or stains of any kind to visualize and measure your cells. This saves time, cells, and money.

Screenshot showing a movement plot in HoloMonitor App Suite

Get multiple results

from only ONE sample

HoloMonitor is an 8-in-1 tool that lets you reanalyze data. You did a dose-response assay but now you need motility data? It is only a few clicks away—no need to set up a new experiment!

It is one of my best investments so far. The spectrum of applications is endless. I am fully convinced that this is the beginning of a new era for research.

The HoloMonitor live cell imager viewed from the front

A live cell analysis tool inside your incubator

HoloMonitor is a small live cell microscope built to operate 24/7 inside a standard incubator or hypoxia chamber. With this incubator-based cell imager, you can run various label-free live cell assays and overtime study your living cell cultures in a non-invasive way, therefore maximizing the biological relevance of your experiments.

HoloMonitor captures stunning publication-quality images for as long as you need and collects quantitative real-time data on your cell cultures, from cell population down to single-cell level. Your living cell cultures are not affected in any way with this label-free cell imager. You can monitor your cells completely without the need for any cytotoxic markers or stains using digital holography technology.

Designed by and for cell biologists, the HoloMonitor live cell imaging system is affordable for any cell lab. It provides a highly automated live cell analysis tool with an intuitive workflow that saves you not only hands-on lab time, and money, but also your precious cell samples. From one sample you are able to obtain multiple results which increases your productivity and efficiency in the lab!

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The Applications

Kinetic Cell Morphology
(with 30+ parameters)

In-depth Single Cell
Tracking & Analysis

Kinetic Cell Motility &

Wound Healing
(Scratch assay)


Kinetic Cell Proliferation

Cell Growth | Cell Division
Cell Cycle

Cell Differentiation

Drug Dose-Response

Cytotoxicity & Cell Death

Cell Counter

Cell Quality Control (QC)

Why choose HoloMonitor?

No preparations needed at all!

Using digital holography, HoloMonitor visualizes and measures your cells just as they are. You don’t need to treat or stain them with anything at all, just seed your cells in a culture vessel and start the analysis!

  • Image your cells completely without labels and stains
  • No need for toxic reagents that interfere with your experiment and harm your cells
  • Use the non-modified cells for subsequent experiments when the HoloMonitor imaging is done
Screenshot showing an optical thickness plot in HoloMonitor App Suite

Use ONE sample to get multiple results!

Every holographic image HoloMonitor takes of your cells contains all the information needed for all analyses. So, from one single sample, you can do all the analyses you want—even in retrospect.

  • Every images contains data for all analyses
  • Reanalyze a single sample several times with new research questions
  • Generate new results from old data wherever you are—all you need is a computer

Save both time, money and cells!

  • A HoloMonitor experiment is completely label-free and does not require any cell preparations. Hence, you save the time it would take to stain the cells, and you save the money reagents would cost.
  • A HoloMonitor experiment is completely non-invasive for your precious cells, so they can be used for other experiments after the imaging is done. In other ways—no need to expand and prepare new cells!
  • Every HoloMonitor experiment can be reanalyzed in new ways. If you did a motility test and need morphology data, there is no need to set up a new experiment. Just reanalyze the motility experiment! That, if anything, saves both time, money, and cells!