HoloMonitor saves your time, money – and cells

HoloMonitor® enables real-time label-free and quantitative studies of adherent cells directly in the cell incubator. Though easy to set up, one single experiment delivers a lot of high quality data. Compared to standard methods the HoloMonitor approach saves both time, money and valuable cells for further experiments.

Standard cell culture methods require various instruments, from plate readers to microscopes. Experiments require multiple setups and consum-ables and most readouts are indirect.

HoloMonitor, on the other hand, offers easy and straight-forward set up, without the need for expensive consumables. Results, specific for each application, are automatically presented in real-time. Moreover, all images and time-lapse data are stored and can be used to extract further parameters later.

Benefits of using HoloMonitor for Live Cell Imaging

As compared to standard methods the HoloMonitor way offers the following advantages:

Save time, money and cells

  • No need for expensive consumables
  • Label free operation with no phototoxicity
  • Use your cells for other experiments after imaging

Optimized non-biased results

  • Minimize user bias with automated analysis
  • Continuous monitoring of cells with real-time result presentation
  • Get direct and quantitative measurements

One experiment - great data

  • Re-analyze data using other applications
  • Export data to Excel with just one click

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