HoloMonitor technology shows versatility as important tool in nanotechnology research

Researchers at University of Pannonia in Hungary recently published a scientific study where HoloMonitor technology from Phase Holographic Imaging (PHI) is used to study cell growth on nanostructures. The study confirms that HoloMonitor technology has a unique potential to become an important tool for investigating cellular behavior on nanostructures under the influence of pharmaceuticals.

In 2014 Henrik Persson at the Department of Solid State Physics at Lund University published his doctoral thesis “Nanowires in Cell Biology”. A substantial part of the thesis is based on measurements obtained using PHI’s HoloMonitor technology.

“Recently the department in Lund ordered their second HoloMonitor unit for applications in nanotechnology. The independent study by the researchers at University of Pannonia confirms HoloMonitor’s unique ability to analyze cells growing on nanostructures,”, says CEO Peter Egelberg.

“When the researcher at University of Pannonia purchased their HoloMonitor our motorized sample stage was not available. We can now offer a motorized stage that addresses the issues discussed in the article and are excited about this new market opportunity.”