Providing Superior Image Quality

To eliminate image disturbances caused by surface vibrations and condensation inside the cell culture vessel, it is recommended to use the PHI HoloLids™. The lids should be used together with recommended cell culture vessels to ensure optimal image quality.

HoloLids are air vented and can be reused at least 10 times after sterilization. They are available for various vessels formats:

  • Petri dishes
  • 6-well plates
  • 24-well plates
  • 96-well plates

Details and instructions for use are available in the product sheets: HoloLid product sheets.

Dr_Alain Geloen Lyon

HoloMonitor M4 is a fantastic tool, easy to use, non-invasive, giving very clean 3D cell images.

Dr. Alain Geloen

National Institute of Applied Sciences, Lyon