Hstudio is a proprietary software for advanced cytometric analysis. With Hstudio you can capture, view, analyse and export quantitative phase shift images and time-lapse movies of living cells.

All captured images are stored in a database that allows structuring the images for analysis using any of the advanced analytical tools, such as

  • Morphological cell analysis
  • Wound healing
  • Single cell tracking

Image capture, view and export

In Hstudio, setting image and time-lapse captures is straight-forward and flexible. A large set of the most common vessels are supported, and you can choose to automatically capture your images at random capture positions or, define your own capture patterns. All images are stored in a hierarchical structure of your choice.

Images with low background level.

The software automatically identifies each single cell.

Images and videos

Hstudio® provides a unique colorset-definition that allows creating beautiful images and time-lapse movies of your cells, ready for publication.

Gating cell populations

Hstudio also includes gating functionality for investigating and quantifying cell populations with common characteristics. Quantitative data including statistics of the cellular parameters for each population is provided.

Examples of Biological Applications

Cell count, morphology and other cellular properties

Hstudio is designed to analyse cell count, cell morphology and many other cellular properties (e.g. shape, texture etc.) over time. The size, shape and volume of individual cells can be manually analysed, while a powerful automated cell detection algorithm enables quantitative measurements of cell populations.

Single-cell tracking

The most advanced and powerful feature in Hstudio is the single-cell tracking functionality that allows you to monitor and analyse cell movement and cell morphology of selected cells. Details and changes over time is provided for each cell included in the analysis, and in mean values for the selected population.

The software provides movement plots as well as timeseries graphs and allows exporting all cellular data to Excel.

Wound Healing

The HoloMonitor® Wound Healing assay reveals semi-automatic results presentation on cell population level, and can easily be combined with cell tracking to follow cells at the edge of the gap.