HoloMonitor® System

With the HoloMonitor system, cellular behavior, drug responses, and cell events can easily and continuously be visualized and quantified over time. Microscopy images are recorded inside the incubator directly in the cell culture vessel at regular time intervals, to not overlook any significant events.

The HoloMonitor system comprises:

  • An incubator-compatible base unit with motorized stage (optional)
  • A laser unit
  • A proprietary software

The laser and base units are used to capture time-lapse holographic phase images of cells. The system is controlled by two proprietary software programs, Hstudio, and HoloMonitor App Suite.

Read more about App Suite here, or contact us for further information.

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HoloMonitor gives a totally new dimension to our work

Prof. Stina Oredsson

Lund University

M4 base unit

The HoloMonitor M4 base unit can be permanently installed directly in a cell incubator, in a hypoxia chamber, or on the lab bench.

Motorized stage

The HoloMonitor M4 base unit can optionally be equipped with a motorized xyz-stage. With this high precision stage, the HoloMonitor M4 can record time-lapse videos at multiple locations in parallel. Sample locations can be within the same culture or in different cultures.

M4 laser unit

The illumination source is a 635-nm diode laser placed outside the incubator and connected with fiber optics

HoloMonitor M4 unit with motorized stage, inside a cell incubator.

Proprietary software

The HoloMonitor® App Suite software offers a simple and guided user interface, with self-explanatory work flow, but still allows the user to set precise parameters for each time-lapse experiment.

The Hstudio software allows for flexible set-up of experiments and cytometric analysis of the huge volume of data collected during imaging.

Additional Products

No labels, stains or specially designed vessels are needed to run HoloMonitor assays making protocols straight-forward and easy-to-use.

Sample requirements

Mono-layer of adherent eukaryotic cells seeded in any of the recommended cell culture vessels. Download a list of cell lines successfully used: Cell Lines used with HoloMonitor.

  • Glass-bottom Petri dishes
  • 35 mm Sarstedt Petri dishes with HoloLid
  • IBIDI plastic ware (channel slides, chemotaxis slides, wound healing inserts)
  • Sarstedt 6-well plates with HoloLid
  • Sarstedts Lumox 24 or 96 well plates with HoloLid
An external computer is required to run the Hstudio software. Make sure the computer fulfills the minimum requirements:
Operating system: Windows 10, 64-bit
Processor: Intel Core i7
Memory: 16 GB RAM (8 GB minimum)
Hard drive: 512 GB SSD (256 GB minimum) and external USB3 hard drive for backup and transfer
Display: Full HD (1920x1080) or higher