Blue cells on black background showing a wound healing scratch, with cells to the left and right.

Run automated and label-free Wound Healing Assays

HoloMonitor - A cell culture incubator microscope directly inside your incubator
The HoloMonitor live cell imaging system for wound healing assays.
  • Automatically monitor and analyze your wound healing experiments inside your standard incubator.
  • Completely label-fee and non-invasive operation lets you reuse your cells after the experiment.
  • Get gap closure and cell coverage data in real time as your experiment runs.
  • Reanalyze your experiment to extract, for example, proliferation and morphology data.

Wound Healing Assay Output

HoloMonitor Provides You With Data Down To Single-Cell Level

The advantage of this compared to traditional gap closure analyses is that it is a high throughput system, uses standard culture conditions with an automated image capture, segmentation and tracking of cells and combines functional aspects of cellular behavior with morphological properties on cell level.

Sofia Mogren et al.
Mast cell tryptase enhances wound healing by promoting migration in human bronchial epithelial cells, Cell Adhesion & Migration (2021)