Live Cell Imaging Videos – The Best of 2020

What was your live-cell video highlight in 2020?

After a debate in the team, we settled on our favorites. Then you watched our Top 10 live cell videos and voted for the winner 2020. (The poll is now closed.)

A gigantic thanks to everyone who voted and a huge shout out to all of you in the worldwide HoloMonitor® community!

Your number #1 live cell video 2020 is …

Popcorn is poppin’

We love cells.
This is why our HoloMonitor® imaging system lets you study living cells non-invasively without the need for any cellular markers and inside the incubator.

Watch the Top 10 live cell videos below:

Live Cell Video 1:

Black and White movie classic

Live Cell Video 2:

Shape-shifter stem cells

Live Cell Video 3:

Pretty in Pink

Live Cell Video 4:

Wound Healing @Truly Labs

Live Cell Video 5:

Popcorn is poppin’

HoloMonitor is cell-friendly.
We meet the demand of the research community to maximize biological relevance of long-term in vitro experiments, avoiding seen influences of cellular labels, stains, or high-intensity light sources on cellular behavior over time.

Live Cell Video 6:

Over the Rainbow

Live Cell Video 7:

24/7 live TV

Live Cell Video 8:

Mesmerizing dance

Live Cell Video 9:

Mind the Gap!

Live Cell Video 10:

Go, cell, go!

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