Nature Methods acknowledge PHI’s core technology to determine individual cell mass 

A newly published article in Nature Methods describes the growing importance in cellular analysis of individual cell mass and how this may be determined. PHI is referenced as one of the few companies who provide equipment to optically track changes in mass of individual cells in a cell population.

Nature Methods is the most respected journal for publication of new scientific methods in the world. The article confirms market recognition of PHI by independently confirming the new opportunities created by PHI’s core technology, holographic microscopy. The following quote is taken from the article:

‟Live-cell mass profiling has the potential to revolutionize our understanding of basic biological processes that control cell size and growth. It may also function as a tool for development of disease treatments, especially when coupled with a molecular understanding of cellular physiology and pathology.”

In the next generation device, HoloMonitor M5, PHI combines holographic microscopy with fluorescence microscopy. Through this, HoloMonitor M5 combines live-cell mass profiling with molecular analysis to enhance our knowledge of cellular physiology and thereby advance cellular research to the next level of understanding.


The article, ‟Live-cell mass profiling: an emerging approach in quantitative biophysics”, is published by Nature Publishing Group and found