Growing Number of Bio-engineering Companies Purchase HoloMonitor

In the course of regular business, the regenerative medicine company Pandorum Technology recently purchased a complete HoloMonitor system. The cell analysis system from PHI was evaluated and com­mis­sioned at Pandorum’s R&D lab in Charleston at the Medical University of South Carolina.

Two persons walking in a bright hallway of cell and gene therapy production facility.
Cell and gene therapy production facility.

Regenerative medicine and cell-based therapies promise to cure common but severe diseases such as diabetes, Parkinson’s, and several cancer forms. HoloMonitor has the ability to analyze individual cells without reagents or other harmful effects in a controlled cell culture environment. This special capability makes HoloMonitor particularly well-suited for cell therapy methods in which patients are treated with laboratory-grown cells.

Regenerative medicine is a fast-growing field in medical research and development, driven by a large number of innovative bio-engineering companies such as Pandorum Technology. Together with Bayer AG and the Lithuanian Center for Innovative Medicine, Pandorum belongs to a growing group of HoloMonitor customers in regenerative medicine.

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