Northeastern University’s Holographic Imaging Program of Excellence Webpage Launched

A webpage dedicated to the activities of the Holographic Imaging Cytometry Program of Excellence in Boston Mass. was launched on January 27, 2015. The Holographic Imaging Cytometry Program of Excellence is a partnership between Northeastern University and Phase Holographic Imaging to create an application development hub and educational resource for holographic imaging cytometry.

The webpage will serve as the Program’s communication channel to assist in establishing a network of collaborations utilizing holographic imaging cytometry, in the greater Boston-area. It will provide updates on studies employing HoloMonitor technology and coordinate local scientific meetings.


  • The efficacy of a recently developed drug delivery system, by Northeastern University scientists, was shown using HoloMonitor M4.Read application note
  • Presentations by Northeastern University scientists have been submitted for presentation at the American Association for Cancer Research annual meeting – April 2015, Philadelphia.
  • Holographic Time-lapse Imaging Cytometry Symposium – summer 2015, Boston.

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