Partner with Stem Cell Company

Phase Holographic Imaging (PHI) and Israeli Biological Industries (BI) have initiated a strategic collaboration. BI is a well-established and recognized supplier of stem cell technology. In a first step BI will represent PHI on the Israeli market.

“We develop, manufacture and supply life science products to universities, government research and healthcare institutions and to the biopharmaceutical industry. As a part of our strategic plan we now expand our business by providing instrumentation from PHI. The combination of our and PHI’s products will provide stem cell researchers with new possibilities that will advance and revolutionize cell therapy research”, says Gilad Landes, VP of Sales & Marketing at Biological Industries.

The life sciences research and biotechnology market in Israel is unusually large with hundreds of research laboratories. BI is the leading supplier in this market with a full range of animal cell culture and tissue culture products. This range will now be joined by the PHI time-lapse cytometers, HoloMonitor M3 and HoloMonitor M4. As a part of the collaboration, BI will initially purchase two instruments from PHI. Sales on the Israeli market during the first two years are expected to reach at least 10 instruments.

“The collaboration is particularly exciting as stem cell-based cell therapies are expected to become ‘the fourth therapeutic pillar of healthcare’, rivaling pharmaceuticals in market size. From that perspective, the collaboration with our new partner is an important step for our company”, says Peter Egelberg, CEO PHI.