PHI achieves market acceptance goals

Prior to the company’s IPO in early 2014, three market acceptance goals were set out to be achieved by the end of 2015:

HoloMonitor M4.5 base unit (left) and the motorized stage (right)

These goals have now been achieved:

“We can definitely see the market respond to our strategic collaborations and the 50 units in operation. To meet the rising demand with a high gross margin, production of the HoloMonitor M4.5 base unit has been moved to series production. This will allow us to focus our engineering resources on implementing the design changes needed to also manufacture the M4’s motorized stage in series production with the same high gross margin,” said CEO Peter Egelberg.

“The motorized stage dramatically increases our revenues and is crucial when addressing the Big Pharma market, as it enables automation of applications in what is known in the industry as high-content screening. The current design is flexible, which was important during the evaluation phase, but costly to manufacture. The feedback received through initial sales to Big Pharma and others now allow us to finalize and adapt the design of the motorized stage for series production, and thereby reduce the manufacturing cost.”