PHI and leading supplier of cell analysis instrumentation sign agreement

Phase Holographic Imaging (PHI) and a major publicly traded international supplier of laboratory equipment and cell analysis instrumentation have entered an agreement aiming to determine the scope and nature of a future partnership. The agreement is a result of discussions between the company management teams, over an extended period time.

The discussions found that there is a mutual interest to realize the full market potential of PHI’s HoloMonitor cell analysis technology by providing the technology with substantial resources, particularly within sales and marketing. It was further concluded that PHI’s visionary technical capabilities superbly complement the instrument supplier’s sophisticated scientific marketing.

Unrelated to the above and as previously communicated, PHI and a leading US-based manufacturer of reagents and antibodies entered a technology assessment agreement in February 2019, primarily focused on immuno-oncology applications. After a successful evaluation, negotiations regarding a scientific cooperation have been initiated, as a second step to create the basis for future business negotiations between the companies.