PHI launches new products

The HoloMonitor M4 with the new XY-table.

PHI announces the launch of an XY-stage for the HoloMonitor M4. The XY-table allows precise positioning of the cell culture vessel for the observation and tracking of specifically selected cells. Cell movement is relevant in several research areas, e.g. metastasis research.

Cell identification

Additionally, a new HoloMonitor software revision has been release. It incorporates a novel cell identification method based on cell volume. When cells grow and divide the individual cell volume changes in a well-defined way over time. The new software revision analyzes these changes to significantly improve the identification of individual cells. This capability is a major advance¬ment when compared to any method currently available. The advancement is made possible by the ability to measure cell volume, which is not possible with conventional microscope technology.


— Cells are traditionally imaged and analyzed at a single point in time – usually when they are dead. Our new volume-based cell identification is another fine example of what is achievable when cells are observed continuously over time.