PHI Launches Wound Healing Assay

PHI today launches the HoloMonitor® Wound Healing Assay. The assay meets the unmet market demand of both quantifying cell movement automatically and in great detail. Wound healing assays are one of the most used laboratory methods to study cell movement. Conventional wound healing assays are either manual or just measure the collective movement of a cell population.

Time-lapse imaging: Wound healing assay

Image sequence of a “wound” closure

About wound healing assays

By creating a “wound” in cultured cells, wound healing assays mimic the cell movement in living organisms. The method is, however, manual and labor intensive, especially when measuring the movement of individual cells. In preclinical research, this often results in that individual cell movement is ignored; even though individual cell movement is of crucial importance in the formation of metastasis, for example. With the HoloMonitor Wound Healing Assay, cell movement is rapidly quantified both on a population level and on an individual cell level, characterized by:

  • Cell friendly — label-free
  • User friendly — set-up and walk away
  • Automatic quantification of “wound” closure
  • Quantification of individual cell movement by cell tracking