PHI releases App Suite 2 – more apps and greater applicability

PHI will launch the HoloMonitor App Suite™ 2 software together with an integrated e-commerce website on April 29, 2019. App Suite 2 is the second release in a series of planned App Suite releases, developed to provide automated live-cell studies to researchers worldwide in an unprecedented user-friendly workflow, using PHI’s HoloMonitor-technology. The modular software facilitates a more dynamic business model and positions the company for increased growth through strategic partnerships.

App Suite automatically performs live-cell population analysis by quantifying individual cells over time. The software automatically records and processes multiple time-lapse movies, while presenting the data analysis results in real time. As all assays are label-free for uncompromised physiological relevance, recorded experimental data may be reused with other App Suite assays to obtain multiple measurements from a cell culture sample.

The new website offers a user-friendly design with improved navigation and functionality, allowing customers to concisely overview the full product portfolio. The webshop (e-commerce) together with App Suite provides increased flexibility for PHI customers, as they can order and choose applications for their specific needs.

For additional information regarding App Suite 2, visit or now also on April 29.