PHI signs agreement with researchers at Karolinska Institutet

Effective from February 1, 2015, Professor Pontus Aspenström at Karolinska Institutet and Phase Holographic Imaging have entered a research agreement. The research goal of the group is to identify how cell communication contributes to tumor growth and spreading.

PHI will support this research by providing the research group with instrumentation, training and technical support during seven months. During this period, Professor Aspenström’s group will supply the personnel and research material needed to execute the agreed research plan. The research results will be published in selected scientific journals.

“Our instruments make it possible to quantitatively track individual cells. This ground-breaking technology is essential to better understand tumor growth and spreading. It is very encouraging that the development work, which began in Professor Stina Oredsson’s laboratory at Lund University, is increasingly being recognized by other cancer researcher, both nationally and internationally.”,concludes Peter Egelberg, CEO and founder of PHI.