New Distributor Partner Manager at Altium set to enhance global sales for PHI

Phase Holographic Imaging (PHI) is conveying the news that its global distributor, Altium S.A., has appointed a PHI-dedicated distributor partner manager. This strategic step is set to significantly enhance the reach and sales performance of PHI’s HoloMonitor technology on a global scale.

Altium announced the news on its social media platform this morning, writing:

We are pleased to announce Daniel Soors as our new Phase Holographic Imaging Distributor Manager at Altium. With his leadership, we will be diving into market research in new territories, establishing vital new distributor partnerships, and implementing an advanced sales and marketing toolkit to streamline our operations. Let’s give him a warm welcome and look forward to a future of continued success and innovation together!” (Social Media Link)

Daniel Soor, with a proven track record in sales and a profound grasp of the life sciences market, is expected to play a pivotal role in driving Altium’s sales strategy for PHI’s HoloMonitor technology and product portfolio.

PHI’s CEO, Patrik Eschricht, warmly welcomed Altium’s appointment, expressing:

We are delighted to develop our collaboration with Daniel and increase HoloMonitor’s global footprint. We’re looking forward as Altium will open new doors and further establish our products in the cell research market. With discussions already underway with potential new distribution partners worldwide, Daniel will be key to managing new markets, extending our distribution network, and deepening our engagement with the scientific community. We’re excited about the future prospects this brings to PHI.

Altium, as PHI’s global distribution partner since November 2023 and a major shareholder since March 2023, uses its wide network and sales expertise to expand HoloMonitor’s market presence. With the right to subcontract distributors and the obligation to penetrate new markets, Altium’s appointment of a dedicated distributor partner manager emphasizes its commitment to accelerate HoloMonitor’s global reach.

About Altium

Altium is a renowned global distributor of laboratory solutions committed to advancing scientific research and medical diagnostics. As PHI’s dedicated global distribution partner and largest shareholder, Altium is instrumental in bringing HoloMonitor technology to new markets and research labs worldwide.

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