PHI Strengthens Commitment to Regenerative Medicine through ARM and ATMP Sweden Membership

Phase Holographic Imaging (PHI) becomes a member of the leading international advocacy organization Alliance for Regenerative Medicine (ARM) as well as the national ATMP Sweden network to advocate for QPI technology for standard cell quality control in regenerative medicine.

Following productive discussions over the summer, PHI is joining two influential organizations in the field of regenerative medicine. Discussions at the World Stem Cell Summit in Winston-Salem, where PHI participated in June this year, led to the Company joining ARM. As a next step in Sweden, PHI will attend the upcoming ATMP’s 4th Annual Conference in Uppsala on December 5-6.

PHI CEO, Patrik Eschricht, adds:

“As we head into autumn, our partnership network in regenerative medicine continues to expand, and we are ready to speak further about our non-invasive technology for standard cell quality control. Our commitment to expanding our network remains strong, and our calendars are brimming with productive meetings.”

About ARM

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The Alliance for Regenerative Medicine (ARM) is the global voice for engineered cell therapies and genetic medicines. Representing over 475 members across 25 countries, ARM leads on critical issues, such as regulatory pathways, market access, industrialization, stakeholder engagement, and access to capital. For more details, visit

About ATMP Sweden

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ATMP Sweden is a national network focused on gene and cell therapy solutions. Through collaboration among researchers, healthcare professionals, and industry partners, ATMP Sweden aims to enhance Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMP) development, address challenges, and create innovative solutions. For more details, visit

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