A Biophysical Approach to Quantify Skeletal Stem Cells Trans-differentiation as a Model for the Study of Osteoporosis

L. Petecchia et al.

Biophysical Chemistry (2017)

Institution: National Research Council, Italy

Cell Line: hBM-MSCs (Human bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells)

Research Area: Stem cell research

Tags: HoloMonitor M3, Quantitative phase imaging, Real time qPCR, Morphometry, Osteoblast, Adipocyte

Conclusions: The authors wrote their own software for multi-parameter morphology analysis. Digital Holography allowed to extract a set of quantitative indicators associated with the specific biological state and, among all possible parameters, the average thickness, T, and the roughness kurtosis, RK, allowed to produce a scatter plot in which full osteoblasts, full adipocytes, and undifferentiated hBM-MSC lie in well-separated regions of the space. Noteworthy, this T-RK graph was successfully extended to all conditions and provided a clear and prompt visualization of the cellular commitment in terms of position in the T-RK plane.

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