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A New Animal Product Free Defined Medium for 2D and 3D Culturing of Normal and Cancer Cells to Study Cell Proliferation and Migration as Well as Dose Response to Chemical Treatment

Authors: Rafnsdottir et al.

Journal: Toxicology Reports (2023)

Institution: Lund University

Research Areas: Cell research

Cell Lines: human cancer-associated fibroblasts, keratinocytes, JIMT-1, MDA-MB-231, CaCo-2, MiaPaCa-2, L929 (Breast cancer cells, colon cancer cells, pancreatic cancer cells, mouse fibroblast)

Summary: The authors present a novel animal product-free defined medium (APF-DM) for the 2D and 3D culturing of normal and cancer cells. The medium was developed to enable researchers to study cell proliferation, migration, and the dose-response to chemical treatment while avoiding the use of animal-derived products, which can introduce variability and ethical concerns.The researchers demonstrate the effectiveness of the APF-DM by comparing it with two other commonly used media and show that the APF-DM supports the growth and proliferation of various cell lines, including normal and cancer cells. They also show that the APF-DM can be used to culture cells in both 2D and 3D formats (spheroids), which is important for modeling the in vivo microenvironment of cells and tissues.The authors further validate the use of the APF-DM by testing the dose response of cells to a chemotherapeutic drug, cisplatin, and show that the APF-DM can accurately model the response of cells to this drug.Overall, this study presents a valuable contribution to the field of cell culture by providing a new animal product-free defined medium that can be used for the 2D and 3D culturing of various cell lines and can be used to study cell proliferation, migration, and response to chemical treatment in a more standardized and reproducible manner.HoloMonitor M3 and M4 are used to monitor cell movement alone and also from spheroids. in real-time.

Keywords: HoloMonitor M3, M4, cell motility assay, wound healing assay, migration, morphology, spheroids, animal product free defined medium, cancer cells, normal cells, routine culturing, growth curves, dose response curves, cell migration, time-lapse imaging, two dimensions, three dimensions

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