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Actin polymerization and cell motility are affected by NAA80-mediated posttranslational N-terminal acetylation of actin

Authors: Henriette Aksnes, Michael Marie, Thomas Arnesen, Adrian Drazic

Journal: Communicative & Integrative Biology (2018)

Institution: University of Bergen

Research Areas: Cell Research

Cell Lines: HAP1 (Near-haploid human cell)

Summary: It is well known that actin plays an essential role in muscle cell contraction, and cellular functions like skeleton/structure-function, organelle trafficking and cell migration. The authors studied how NAA80, by acetylating actin’s N-terminus, acts as a natural brake in the cells. Single-cell identification and tracking of movement was performed with HoloMonitor, and single-cell analysis used to demonstrate the power of this mechanism. 

Keywords: HoloMonitor M4, Cell motility, Cell migration

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