Adipocytes Migration is Altered Through Differentiation

M. Lustig et al.

Microscopy and Microanalysis (2019)

Country: Israel

Cell Line: 3T3-L1 (Mouse embryonic preadipocytes)

Research Area: Cell Research

Tags: HoloMonitor M4, cell migration and motility,adipogenesis, differentiation, holographic-microscopy, live-imaging, motility, extracellular matrix, lipid droplet

Conclusions: Preadipocyte differentiation from elongated structures to rounded adipocytes is adipogenesis. During the process cell cytoskeleton undergoes changes, which in turn alterate single-cell motility. In this work M. Lusting with colleagues for the first time evaluate differences between the motility of nondifferenciated preadipocytes and differentiated mature adipocytes using hologprahic imaging. Authors have used HoloMonitor M4 to show that preadipocytes move faster and further than adipocytes, idicating that cell cytoskeleton is altered during cell differentiation.

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