Applications of Label-free, Quantitative Phase Holographic Imaging Cytometry to the Development of Multi-specific Nanoscale Pharmaceutical Formulations

E Luther et al.

Cytometry Part A 2017 (2017)

Institution: Northeastern University, USA

Cell Line: HeLa, L929 (HeLa:Human cervical cancer; L929: mouse fibroblast)

Tags: Review, HoloMonitor M4, Holographic imaging, Label-free, Time-lapse, 4-D imaging

Conclusions: A review of HoloMonitor applications: tracking of Giant HeLa cells, which may be undergoing neosis tracking the effects of cell cycle-related toxic agents on cell lines; using MicroRNAs to reverse the polarization state in macrophages to induce tumor cell killing the development of liposomal nanoformulations to overcome multidrug resistance in ovarian cancer cells and development of dual sensitive micelles to specifically target matrix metalloproteinase,

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