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Autologous tumor‑derived microvesicles influence gene expression profiles and enhance protumorigenic chemotactic potential, signal transduction and cellular respiration in gastric cancer cells

Authors: Rafal Szatanek Kazimierz Weglarczyk Malgorzata Stec Jaroslaw Baran Magdalena Parlinska‑Wojtan Maciej Siedlar Monika Baj‑Krzyworzeka

Journal: International Journal of Oncology (2019)

Institution: Jagiellonian University

Research Areas: Cancer research

Cell Lines: GC1415 (Gastric cancer cell)

Summary: Tumor‑derived microvesicles (TMVs) interact with cells within the immune system. In the present study, R. Szatanek with co-workers have studied the effects of autologous‑TMVs (auto‑TMVs) on gene expression. Chemotaxis, intercellular signaling and cellular metabolism were examined in cells of the gastric cancer (GC) cell line. Authors have used HoloMonitor M4 to perform chemotaxis assay and showed that Auto-TVMs led to 75 gene overexpression and 96 gene underexpression, which affect, among others, chemotaxis.

Keywords: HoloMonitor M4, single cell tracking, chemotaxis, tumor‑derived microvesicles, gastric cancer, extracellular vesicles

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