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BCAP31, a cancer/testis antigen-like protein, can act as a probe for non-small-cell lung cancer metastasis

Authors: J. Wang et al.

Journal: Scientific Reports (2020)

Institution: the Fourth Military Medical University,

Research Areas: Cancer research

Cell Lines: A549, PLA-801D, GLC-82 (A549 - human lung adenocarcinoma cells; PLA-801D - lung giant cell carcinoma; GLC-82 - human papillomavirus-related endocervical adenocarcinoma)

Summary: In the absence of symptoms and effective screening programs, most lung cancers are diagnosed at advanced metastatic stages. Thus, in this study J. Wang with colleagues have explored how the metastasis mechanism (EMT) is involved in lung cancer development. Authors have demonstrated that B cell receptor-associated protein 31 (BCAP31) can be employed as a metastasis prognostic factor and used in therapeutic strategies for treating lung cancer. In this study, HoloMonitor M4 has been used to evaluate how BCAP31 protein affects cell migration, motility, optical thickness, and movement tracks. Additionally, the authors have studied the effects of BCAP31 amounts inside the cells on cell area.

Keywords: HoloMonitor M4, cell morphology and cell movements

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